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Exciting News From South America - Part 2


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If you know anything about food, you obviously know that Peru sits atop of the world with respect to deliciousness and creativity. Three or four years in a row Peru has been voted the #1 culinary destination in the world. The natural and cultural resources, coupled with their amazing food makes Peru a country to visit over and over again.

People in Lima are very familiar with the Cocina Verify Peruvian Ambassador. Christian Bravo has been an official Culinary Ambassador of Peru for quite some time. His restaurant, Bravo RestoBar has been serving amazing meals in the San Isidro area of Lima for several years. There is a reason why all the famous rock stars eat there and sign Bravo’s white celebrity wall. The food and atmosphere are a fantastic combination. We are excited to have Christian and Bravo Restobar leading the food safety scene in Lima. With all the food artistry being produced in Peru, we applaud and welcome Christian’s commitment to serving safe food and he being the first restaurant owner in Peru to join the Cocina Verify team. 

Bravo’s food is beautiful and delicious. It is not to be missed on your next trip to Lima. Their pisco sours are something to write home about… Wow! The restaurant is classy and relaxed. It’s a place where you can enjoy your experience to the fullest while being served top-notch cuisine.

When traveling in Latin America, choose Cocina Verify restaurants andTrust Standards, Not Reviews!

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