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Lima restaurants must prepare now for 2019 Pan Am Games


One restaurant in Lima is preparing for the PanAm Games in 2019. The world will be watching Lima and more importantly, thousands of people will be visiting Lima to participate in and watch the games. Lima is known for delicious food, but Christian Bravo and Bravo Restobar want all the visitors to also eat the safest food possible. Christian knows the importance of serving safe food, but also knows the importance of presenting validated food safety standards to the world so athletes and spectators coming to participate in the PanAm Games in Lima will know that they can eat with trust and confidence at Bravo Restobar.


It’s no secret that throughout Latin America many governments lack the resources necessary to regularly inspect restaurants and enforce food safety standards to ensure that restaurants are serving the safest food possible. This can make it difficult for international travelers and athletes to feel confident in finding safe food when visiting these areas. Cocina Verify is here to help restaurant owners achieve the highest levels of food safety to be ready to serve safe food not only for international sporting events, but every day so everyone who eats at Bravo Restobar or any other Cocina Verify restaurant can trust that the food was made by trained staff in a regularly inspected kitchen.

Cocina Verify is modeled after the food safety approach taken by the safest food city in the world - Las Vegas. Long ago, someone in Las Vegas had the vision to understand that food safety is vital to not interrupting the flow of visitors, and their money, coming into the city. They determined that they could not afford to be in the news for foodborne illness outbreaks or for a video of a rat climbing down the wall of a restaurant for example. Not only are most restaurants inspected by the government on a monthly basis, but most of the restaurants in the large casinos are inspected monthly by the hotels and also by third-party consultants in order to ensure the restaurants never fail an inspection. Cocina Verify uses this monthly training and inspection approach with its participating restaurants to produce the best results with regard to employee food safety knowledge,  procedural compliance, and ensuring the restaurants will always pass a leading food safety inspection.

Food safety is not about perfection, it’s about risk reduction. Prior to the PanAm Games arriving in Lima, Christian Bravo is leading all restaurants by participating in the Cocina Verify program to reduce as many risks to foodborne illness as possible at his restaurant. Cocina Verify will ensure the athletes and spectators visiting the Games will know about Bravo Restobar and other restaurants that choose to tell the world that they care about serving safe food.

Cocina Verify is available to help other restaurant owners in Lima. Together, we can help you prove to the world that your restaurant cares about serving safe food and that it will be a preferred choice of safe restaurants at the PanAm Games and beyond.