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Peru's Culinary Trailblazer


Chef Christian Bravo is going where no other Peruvian chef has gone before. In his quest to create delicious and innovative cuisine, he is making sure that food safety is at the top of his priority list.

Christian Bravo Bravo Restobar Cocina Verify

It’s no secret that Cocina Verify was started because of my bouts of foodborne illness while visiting Latin America, specifically Peru. I am a huge fan of Peru and I love the food, but it has taken us a while to find a restaurant owner in Peru who understands the importance of serving safe food… Enter Christian Bravo.

Christian is a forward thinker. It is evident in the fantastic food served at his Bravo Restobar and also in the fact that he didn’t hesitate to jump on the Cocina Verify safe-food network when it was presented to him. Christian’s commitment to food runs deep. Not only is he the Peruvian Ambassador for Cocina Verify, but he is also one of the Peruvian National Culinary Ambassadors.

Bravo Restobar Lima Peru Cocina Verify

Christian understands the vital importance that clean water plays in preparing safe food. Without safe water, it’s hard to serve safe food. This is one concept many tourists don’t understand. When the travel guides say don’t drink the water, the next question should always be - how will they make my food safely without clean water?

At Cocina Verify, we are not into reviews because of all the lies and validity issues associated with them. So, to break from the norm, I will share with you that my dining experience at Bravo Restobar was excellent. The food more than met my expectations for delicious Peruvian cuisine. On a side note, the pisco sour at Bravo may be the best I have had in Lima - wow! (It’s also important to note that Christian did not know I was there, so the service and food were excellent without any special attention.)

Bravo Restobar Lima Peru Cocina Verify

So, with over 40,000 restaurants in Lima, we are so happy to have found Christian Bravo and his progressive approach to showing tourists and locals that he truly cares about their safety. I look forward to visiting Bravo Restobar again and again because the menu is amazing.

When traveling to Latin America, choose Cocina Verify restaurants.