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Restaurants & Hotels Get One Chance With Food Safety


When it comes to restaurants and hotels, the saying -  “You don’t get a second chance at a first impression,” is all too valid. Depending upon the diner, when someone is paying for their food, the concept of forgiveness seems fleeting at best. Perfection seems to be the only type of outcome that many people allow. Creating a top-notch, consistent experience with regard to ambiance, service, and flavors are all very important, but making sure the food is safe is priceless. First impressions can go a few ways:

1. The diner leaves happy and also recommends the experience to others, which is likely proof that they will return again.
2. The experience doesn’t take the diner anywhere special and thus generates only indifference and the subsequent unlikely recommendation or return visit.
3. For one reason or another, a poor experience was had. It was bad enough to cause the diner to go on the offensive to share and describe the experience in detail to friends or in online communities. This can be the result of many things, the worst of which being either a perceived or confirmed bout of foodborne illness contracted from the restaurant or hotel.

As a restaurant owner, which of these three paths would you rather be on? We’re sure that the first option in this case is the most desirable. Now let's briefly explore each of these options.

Outcome #1
This is the obvious ideal scenario. Happy diners are perhaps the most cost effective and positive advertising a restaurant can have. The experience you gave them has turned them loose as a volunteer mouthpiece for the benefits of choosing your restaurant over another. A satisfied, return customer is the easiest and least expensive customer to get in your restaurant from a marketing standpoint.

Outcome #2
This is the path of least resistance for a restaurant. Your service and food are not lighting the world on fire, nor are they turning people off. It’s easy, but the realization of significant growth from this point may be limited. It’s time to shake things up.

Outcome #3
Danger, danger! Today, disgruntled diners have the ability to negatively impact your sales before they even leave your restaurant. Food safety issues can negatively impact a dining experience immediately - especially with physical contaminants being found in food, such as plastic, metal staples, hair, etc. Also, restaurant staff not taking allergy or gluten-free warnings seriously can  wreak havoc on a restaurant’s reviews/reputation. Valid or perceived foodborne illness issues that are associated with a specific restaurant may have disastrous economic effects and in many cases will result in diners avoiding your brand.

As a restaurant owner, you need to take care of what you know best, delivering delicious flavors with impeccable service and at a great value. Let the food safety experts at Cocina Verify take care of all of the training and monitoring needed to prevent foodborne illness issues from ever tarnishing your hard-earned reputation. Restaurants and hotels certified by Cocina Verify meet leading U.S. food safety standards to prove to travelers, tour operators, and the general public that their safety comes first. Cocina Verify is here for your continued success in the food services industry.