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Significant Changes Coming to Food Service in Latin America


What can restaurant and hotel owners expect in 2018? The most significant trend taking place in Latin America is the growing need for standards verification in food service operations. Who is driving this change? Tour operators from the U.S., Canada, and Western Europe are making changes to reduce their risks and increase accountability from local ground operators and the restaurants and hotels with which they contract or use. Tour operator contracts can and have been lost due to claims of foodborne illness. We have learned that some Latin American countries inspect fewer than 1% of restaurants in popular tourist destinations.

Tour operators are beginning to shift toward using restaurants and hotels that have their kitchen facilities inspected regularly in order to reduce the risks and liabilities associated with exposure to foodborne illness. From legal and public relations standpoints, it’s more risky for tour operators to use hotels and restaurants that are not regularly inspected by government or third-party food safety professionals. To avoid being overlooked by tour operators in the future, it will be important to have proof that your operation is regularly inspected and verified to be achieving leading food safety standards.

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La Cassina Restaurant in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Why is Las Vegas considered to be one of the safest food cities in the world? There are relatively few successful foodborne illness lawsuits in Las Vegas because of excellent training and the highest of standards, but more importantly because of the monthly validation of those standards. Many of the restaurants in the casinos are inspected by three different entities three every month - 36 times per year. They are inspected by the local government, the casino, and private consultants. If anyone ever tries to sue based upon a foodborne illness claim, the restaurants have extensive reports and records to defend themselves and in many cases the lawsuits are dropped because of the extensive trails of inspection reports generated every month.

We have created Cocina Verify to act similarly to the Las Vegas model to ensure your food service operation meets leading standards, based off of US FDA and State of California food codes. Perhaps more importantly, we provide a monthly record verifying that your operation meets these standards. This will likely become the new standard for food service operations that are interested in attracting and maintaining business from tour operators. It’s important not to hide behind star ratings or the cost of rooms/food because those things have no correlation to the standards present in the kitchens or buffets.

Tour operators, hotel, and restaurant owners - if you answer no to any of these questions, Cocina Verify is here to help you.
1. If potential customers (tourists) or international travel suppliers want proof that you use restaurants and hotels that follow leading food safety standards, can you provide that proof now?
2. If you are sued for refunds or damages due to foodborne illness claims, do you have a paper trail of verified inspection reports to defend your choices in court?
3. Do you choose the restaurants and hotels you take clients to based upon verified food safety standards, the view, location, or another method?

Cocina Verify is here to set your operation apart from the competition as well as provide tour operators with the verified proof of leading food safety standards, which is going to quickly become the standard in the industry. Please contact us to discuss how we can provide the ultimate in food safety service and standards verification for your hotel or restaurant.