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The Restaurant Leader in Colombia


The best restaurant Colombia has to offer is the best for a couple of reasons. First, everyone wants delicious food and fantastic service. Brulee Restaurant in Medellin delivers both without failing. Second, owners Diego Aveiro and Carolina Arango are leading a new group of restaurant owners in Colombia who are focused on providing the public with the safest food possible. They understand that all food needs to be safe and that is why they were the first restaurant owners to join the Cocina Verify program to show the world that they voluntarily meet U.S. food safety standards.

Diego Aveiro Carolina Arango Brulee Restaurant Cocina Verify

Travelers and locals in Medellin can rejoice knowing that Brulee is leading the way  to providing the safest food possible. Diego and Carolina truly care about the quality and safety of the food they serve. They are the food safety leaders in Colombia.

Their love of food began a long time ago. At the end of his studies, Diego, originally from Argentina, had the opportunity to work in one of the most prestigious hotels in Latin America, The Alvear Palace Hotel. This is where he earned his culinary stripes. He spent almost 7 years at the hotel and he went through different positions to earn the distinction of being the Head Chef of the restaurant L’Orangerie and also the Head of Room Service. After these experiences and also teaching at various schools, he decided to move to Colombia to start a culinary project with Carolina (his wife) and her family.

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Carolina’s story is a little different.  From a very young age she had a great fascination for cooking and especially baking. She loved to collect cookbooks and spent many afternoons making cookies to sell at school.

After finishing her studies in Administrative Engineering in Medellín, she realized that she needed to explore her creative side and follow her passion for gastronomy. She traveled to Argentina to study cooking and pastry and was there for a few years. After that, she did her cooking practices and worked for a while at the Alvear Palace Hotel, which is where she met Diego.

Brulee Restaurant Cocina Verify

Back in Medellin in 2010, Diego and Carolina were not completely clear on what they wanted to do. They started by selling sweet and salty pastry products that they made from home. Little by little demand grew and they began to serve larger events. Then, in 2012, with Carolina’s family, they opened the doors of Brulée. The restaurant specializes in international cuisine and is a reflection of their their entire culinary experience.

Their thoughts on Cocina Verify:

Carolina states, “one of the main challenges in the restaurant industry is to look for new ways to differentiate from the competition, as well as, work more professionally and to consistently provide customers with safe food over time. When we were introduced to Cocina Verify’s program, they had a serious proposal, professional people, and were totally committed to teaching restaurants, the correct way to work with high standards of food safety and food handling. It’s a long process but it’s worth it. Every day we are doing better and this is reflected in everything, owners, employees and customers are noticing the changes. We hope that other places in Colombia and in Latin America will join the program and begin to work in a cleaner and more responsible way.”

As tourism to Medellin and Colombia continues to grow, restaurants like Brulee will capitalize on attracting more travelers because they have taken the initiative to prove that they care about food safety. Travelers want good food, but most importantly, they want safe food. Cocina Verify is here to help restaurants in Medellin and throughout Latin America achieve all of their food safety and marketing goals.

When traveling to Latin America, choose Cocina Verify restaurants.