Traveling for pleasure or suffering... who decides?

What do tour operators know about the restaurants and hotels to which they captively take their paying customers? Do they know if there is a handwashing sink in the kitchen for the employees? If...

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Traveling? If you can’t drink the water, how do you eat the food?

It was my travels to Latin America in 2015 and subsequent food and water borne illnesses that gave me the idea to create Cocina Verify. The online and printed travel information landscape is full...

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9 Reasons Why Competitive TV Food Programs Must Change

Fast-paced cooking shows are a lot of fun to watch. The stars and competitors are very talented folks who can create masterpieces with food. The shows provide people with a lot cooking ideas and...

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Viral Food Videos Often Teach Unsafe Practices

We love learning how to cook new dishes. Cocina Verify is all about food so we love to see viral videos that put the viewer directly over top of a cooking area with all the steps happening in...

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3 Tips to keep your picnic safe

In the United States, Memorial Day weekend means the beginning of the summer travel season. Traveling and outdoor fun often include outdoor picnics. These experiences can be relaxing and...

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3 Tips para un picnic seguro

En los Estados Unidos, este fin de semana que se celebra el “Memorial Day” define el comienzo de la temporada de viajes de verano. Los viajes y la diversión al aire libre, por lo general incluyen...

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The Crazy Chemical Conundrum in Restaurants

As we interact with more and more restaurant owners and chefs throughout Latin America, we are experiencing a lot of things. Some of these things are positive and some are negative.

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5 Reasons to avoid street food on your next trip

On television today, there are many food shows that project trendy, hipster, happy and seemingly safe images. One thing viewers need to realize is that just because these hosts are trying to be...

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5 Razones para evitar la comida callejera en su próximo viaje

La televisión de hoy tiene una variada oferta de programas de gastronomía y comida, donde muestran  imágenes modernas, a la moda, felices y aparentemente seguras. Una cosa que los televidentes...

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7 Errores en la seguridad de los alimentos

Dependiendo de lo que esté haciendo, un error puede ser inofensivo o potencialmente serio. Me imagino que a la mayoría de la gente no le gusta que sus errores afecten negativamente a los demás....

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