Traveling for pleasure or suffering... who decides?

What do tour operators know about the restaurants and hotels to which they captively take their paying customers? Do they know if there is a handwashing sink in the kitchen for the employees? If...

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Viaje de placer o de sufrimiento... ¿quién decide?

¿Qué saben los tours operadores sobre los restaurantes y hoteles donde llevan a sus clientes? ¿Saben si hay un lavamanos en la cocina para los empleados? Si es así, ¿saben si hay jabón para...

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The Restaurant Leader in Colombia

The best restaurant Colombia has to offer is the best for a couple of reasons. First, everyone wants delicious food and fantastic service. Brulee Restaurant in Medellin delivers both without...


Peru's Culinary Trailblazer

Chef Christian Bravo is going where no other Peruvian chef has gone before. In his quest to create delicious and innovative cuisine, he is making sure that food safety is at the top of his...


5 Travel tips for Panama

If you haven’t visited Panama, you should because it's amazing. Here are five tips compiled by our Cocina Verify team members who regularly visit Panama.


The New Breed of Restaurant Owner in Latin America

There’s a new breed in town. Flavors and flash aren’t their only inspiration. This breed wants distinction for more noble pursuits such as something so simple as making sure they serve their...


Diarrhea Made Me a CEO Part 2

After getting sick on several visits to Latin America, I realized that there has to be a better way for travelers to find safe food. Online reviews didn’t prevent me from getting sick. Printed...


Diarrhea Made me a CEO Part 1

At 38,000 feet in the air, somewhere over the Eastern Pacific Ocean, I woke up. I was flying from South America back to Dallas and I was scared. The physical symptoms that were brewing inside me...


4 Travel tips for Costa Rica

Without a doubt, and for good reason, Costa Rica is the hottest travel destination in Central America. The friendly culture, amazing natural resources, and top-notch adventure activities make for...


Three Restaurant Observations that Will Blow Your Mind

It’s been two years since my initial travels to Latin America. During 2015, I traveled to Latin America seven times and unfortunately got sick on five of those trips. Finally the lightbulb went...